How to best prepare to work with a web designer

Before you ask someone to help you with your website design or construction, you need to organize your materials and prepare as much as possible. Here are a few basic steps that you can take to better communicate what you are looking for with regards to your end product.

step 1) Draw out a flowchart for the site that you have in mind.
Click here to see example 1 of a well done flow chart.
Click here to see example 2 of a well done flow chart.
When drawing out this flowchart, you should include every area that you might develop in the future. Mark the areas that you will develop now with a solid line and mark the future areas with a dotted line.

step 2) Gather your content. After you have completed your flowchart, begin to gather all of your content for each of the areas on your flowchart. Use the flowchart as a check sheet. Content includes words, images an artwork.

step 3) Research visual style, written style and navigation style. Find examples of these styles and write down the URLs to show to your web developer. Be able to explain what you like about each example you are sharing. This will help your web developer craft a site that matches your taste.

Web New Construction Help Needed

Web Redesign Help Needed

Dental Depot [redesign using CSS / build for mobile]

People who are looking to hire a web designer

6th City Marketing is looking to hire a frontend web designer

Vibert Cambridge - in the School of Media Arts and Studies at OU
1) Brochureware site for an exchange program in Guyana
2) A brochureware site to promote a book
possible small budget

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