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The BushGnome sort of came out of the blue. I was looking at political cartoons where the president's ears were enlarged. I thought that he looked a bit like a gnome, so away it went. Below you will see my web design work from BushGnome version 1 though version 3. As with my iRac laptop stand project, I have learned alot from this business venture. It has been alot of fun and has received alot of media attention, nationally and internationally.
Click here to visit the current BushGnome site.

BushGnome V3.0

BushGnome v3.0 - is he cutting down a cherry tree or our national forest?

BushGnome V2.0

BushGnome v2.0 - check out the accessories. Some are for the Bush-fan, while others appeal to the Bush-hater.

BushGnome V1.0

BushGnome v1.0 - The Original, now discontinued. Are his fingers crossed in the back for goodluck or because Bush is dishonest? Only you know the truth.