An overview of my time at work

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As an Associate Professor of Visual Communication in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, there are many acitivies that fill my days. On this page I will make an attempt to share some of the things that I do as a part of my job for Ohio University.


Classes that I teach or have taught include

Desktop Publishing - Vico 314 / Vico 1014
Introduction to Web Design (currently using XHTML & CSS) - Vico 361
Advanced Web Design (using Flash) - Vico 462
3D Modeling (using Maya) - Vico 320
Motion Graphics (using After Effects) - Vico 320 / Vico 3420
Audio / Video Production (overseas workshops) - Vico 320
Introduction to Photography - Art 191/ Vico 1021
Black and White Photo Processes - Art 192
Using Communication Tools (online course) - COMM 1000
Learning Community Seminar - UC 1900

Various Independent Studies Topics
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Advising - OUMS student organization

As long as I have been working in the School of Visual Communication, I have been the faculty advisor for Ohio University Multimedia Society, a student organization which I started when I accepted my faculty appointment.

In 2011 the members of OUMS dreamed up and lauched Project Click.
In the fall of 2011 Project Click was a finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.
Every semester this organization has been taking trips to visit multimedia firms around the country.


Click here if you are my advisee and would like to come to our meetings prepared.

Each academic year I advise between 30 and 40 undergraduate students and approx 4-6 graduate students on which courses to take. In addition I spend time helping these and other students find fulltime jobs, internships and freelance work. I write letters of recommendation to help complete graduate school, job, internship and study abroad applications.

Job Placement

Click here to see a growing list of where VisCom multimedia alumni are working and read about how they go to where they are.

International Teaching / Other Programs

Over the past several years I have been working with other faculty members at Ohio University to develop educational programs beyond the classroom walls in Athens Ohio. Here are links to more details on these programs.

Ohio University Multimedia Society goes to NYC 2010
Documentary Story Telling in Leipzig Germany - Summer 2010
Ohio University Multimedia Society goes to NYC 2009
Design in Asia - Summer 2009
Ohio University Multimedia Society goes to NYC 2008
Design in Asia - Summer 2008 at Ohio University
Design in Asia - Summer 2007
Future Learning Environments - Spring 2005

Creative Activity

If you click on my projects link at the top of this page, you will find a complete list of creative projects that I have worked on. I try to stay active with creative work, so that I understand current trends when I am in the classroom.

Below you will find links to previous frontdoor designs for my website, so you can see some of my featured projects.

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Service to Ohio University

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Internship Placement

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Alumni Relations

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