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All year David Matthews, Vince Wojtas and I have been planning a Design in Asia study aboard program. We are taking 22 students from the Ohio University School of Visual Communication and Interior Architecture Program to study design in Hong Kong, Beijing and a number of cities in Japan. Follow our journey as we post details to our blog daily.
Click here for other information about this trip.
Click here to read my personal journal about this trip.

About 6 years ago I started making garden gnomes that look like George W Bush. Now it's time to fire up the kilns again, as I am working on salt and pepper shakers that look like Obama and Biden. Check back and watch this product move through the creative process as it comes to life.

For the past few years I have been making photographs for Marietta Memorial Hospital in Marietta Ohio. Not long ago I completed a one day shoot to update the photos to be used for marketing purposes as well as the hospital's annual report. Click here to see some of the photos from this shoot.

I recently flew into Los Angeles to make photographs for promotional purposes for Antoinette Yoga, a California based yoga studio. Click here to see some of the photos from this shoot and to read more about this project.

Every year The School of Visual Communication builds Dawn to Dusk, a school-wide project that lands in print and online. To read more about this project click here.


The old year now has passed away.
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