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In early September, OnSlot Productions called from New York and asked if I would help them with a commercial video shoot that they wanted to do in Athens Ohio. We spent three days filming five different sequences for an "I Heart Radio" commercial for Clear Channel.
Click here to see the finished project and read more about this work.

Recently I visited Xavier as a guest speaker on Digital Asset Management. Following that visit, I meet-up with Gary Kirksey and Larry Hamel-Lambert for photo studio tours in Cleveland Ohio.
Click here to learn more about these adventures.

Over the summer I traveled to Chicago for The Pitchfork Music Festival. Ikea and ReadyMade Magazine worked together to build a freestanding structure at the festival to feature their talents. I was asked to come and make promotional photographs of the event and the structure which was on display.
Click here to see some of the photos I made.

This summer I was asked to make photographs at two weddings. On July 3rd, I was in Hocking Hills Ohio, taking pictures of "Operation John Wayne" for Todd and Claire. At the end of July I was off to Fort Wayne, IN to photograph Ryan and Laura's wedding.
Click here to see some of the photos taken.

David Hostetler calls me to work with him in the creation of his art work from time to time. Recently he and Kate (a friend and model) and I got together to create some prints.
Click here see David's creative process and to view some of the images that we created.

Documentary Story Telling in Europe -- Fredrick Lewis, Brandon Flayler and I spent 6 weeks of the summer working with 16 Ohio Universtiy students in Leipzig, Germany. While we were in Germany we worked in groups on short documentary films.
Click here to find out more details about this trip, and see some of the projects that were developed.


“What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind.”
- Henry Miller

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