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Buh bye Ohio, hello Germany. Fredrick Lewis and I are working with The Ohio University Office of Education Abroad to take 19 students to Leipzig, Germany for six weeks this summer. We have been planning this trip since we were in Japan together last summer for The Design in Asia program.
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Gary Kirksey, Larry Hamel-Lambert and I got together and spent two days in the photo studio. We were asked to photograph over 100 Amish quilts for a collection that The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center is documenting for a book they are printing through The Ohio University Press. We set up a small studio at The Dairy Barn and had a great time working with the fabric of the Amish culture.
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At the end of each year I like to look back and see what I have done, and this web site helps me to do that. However, I realize that my largest accomplishments go unnoticed on the pages of this site. . . .because I try to keep this space purely professional. As I review this past year, I am most proud of the time I have been able to spend with my son Emmett. I spent some time gathering as many pictures and movies as I could. I put together this short video that highlights some of our time together. Please take a minute and look at some of the good times we have shared together in 2009.
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I have been consulting with Dental Depot, to help them develop a website. Recently I was asked to make photographs of their office and employees for use on the web. I spent a couple of hours making these photographs in their office.
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Recently Ohio University Multimedia Society took a trip to New York City to visit a few print and multimedia firms. While we were there we toured Glamour Magazine, Big Spaceship and Code and Theory. The evenings were filled with social events where School of Visual Communication students and alumni were able to network.
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There are people who are my age (83 years old) that talk only about the way things used to be, or the things that they used to do. I try to talk about what I am doing now and the way things are today.

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