Photographs of my son Emmett

Emmett 11/16/07 Emmett's 2nd Birthday Emmett mowing

Emmett at the park

4/2/10, (5 years old)

Emmett is hanging out at the park during one of the first warm days of spring.

Emmett in his Bakersfield CA,Triumph Dealer's Jacket Feb. 2010 (4 years old)

Feb. 2010, (4 years old)

Emmett in his Bakersfield CA,Triumph Dealer's Jacket

Helen, Lucy, Emmett 1/26/08


Emmett always says "Daddy put me on your shoulders."

Helen, Lucy, Emmett 1/26/08


Here is Emmett on Christmas day with his new 4 wheeler (monster truck) at my parents house.

Helen, Lucy, Emmett 1/26/08


Helen, Lucy and Emmett are hang'n out at my friends Abby and Harvey's house.

Kings Island 7/25/08


Emmett and I drove to Cincinnati and went to King's Island with my friend Dave and his daughter Lily. The kids are almost the same age and we had a blast. I think this is the most fun I've ever had at a place like this.

Emmett's Tree 6/28/08


When Emmett was born I planeted an oak tree in the backyard to mark his birth. Here he is a few months after his 3rd birthday standing next to some firewood that I am working on cutting up in the back yard. His tree is on the edge of the frame.
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Aug 2005

Aug 2005

This photo was taken when Emmett was 6 months old. I think it will always be one of my favorite photographs of us together.

Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Emmett's class photo at school. Room 123.

April 14 2008


Emmett and I hang'n out in front of the house. This photo was taken by our neighbor and my co-worker, Julie Elman.

Feb or March 2008

Feb or March 2008

I love this photo because it tells the story of Emmett in one frame. Take an otherwise cold, hard, gray, lifeless world and let my son walk through it and the scene changes to something warm and beautiful. I love the way he likes to walk in the snow instead of where the sidewalk has been shoveled.

emmett late Summer 06 or Spring 07?
Late summer 06 or spring 07 ???
I took this photo with a plastic camera and just had the film processed (Aug 08). I love the photos that were on the film, however I'm not really sure when they were taken. I am guessing in the late summer of 06 or spring of 07, just based on the size Emmett is and how green the grass is. There was also one other image that was nice on that same roll of film. It can be found on the DVD listed below.

emmett 3/15/06
This photo was taken on Emmett's first birthday.
I have taken a portrait of him on March 15 every year since he was born.

emmett 11/1/05
Here I am with Emmett when he was about 7 months old. This was just after he started attending daycare at The Ohio University Child Development Center. He would be in daycare everyday until noon, and then I would pick him up and care for him the remainder of the day. This was the routine until August of 2007 when my marriage ended.

emmett 11/15/07
Emmett's first haircut at the barbershop.
(taken with the iPhone)